Quick and convenient QR code audio guide, have you used it?

 News     |     December 11, 2023
       Should I choose a tour guide to lead a group when visiting scenic spots? Will I still listen to the commentary with the guide when visiting the exhibition hall? Now there is a system called QR code audio guide, which can be directly scanned to obtain explanations, which is simple and convenient. The QR code audio guide is to make the audio file into the corresponding QR code pattern through software technology. When tourists visit and play, they can use a device with a scanning function, such as a mobile phone, to scan it, and the will be played directly on the device audio explanation. The QR code audio guide can be played and listened to repeatedly. Regardless of the arrival time of tourists, they can use the QR code audio guide to understand. In this way, tourists no longer have to worry about being unable to hear the explanation clearly because of too many people.
audio  guide
audio guide
       QR code audio guide is a relatively common method in scenic spots, exhibition halls or museums. It is now widely used for explanation, because tourists do not need to use other devices and can just scan it with their mobile phones. Using QR codes to explain is not only convenient and fast, but also provides a good visiting experience for tourists. It also saves labor costs for exhibition halls or scenic spots, and saves a lot of work for tour guides and commentators. Because of these advantages, it is now recommended to use QR codes for explanations in many occasions. Compared with purchasing some automatic explanation equipment, the cost of using QR codes is relatively small, and there is no need to worry about subsequent maintenance work, etc., which is more worry-free and labor-saving.
audio guide