Do you know the many advantages of automatic tour guide?

 News     |     November 06, 2023
       Now that the weather is getting warmer, various places are ushering in the peak tourist season, so many scenic spots can see the bustle of tourists, and the scenic spots are also facing a shortage of manpower. At this time, the automatic tour guide comes in handy. The automatic tour guide is an electronic tour guide device that can lead tourists to visit. The purpose is to allow tourists to understand the cultural stories of the scenic spots while visiting. The automatic tour guide installs signal transmitters at each scenic spot that needs to be explained.
tour  guide
tour guide
       The signal transmitter has signal induction within a certain range, so when tourists bring the receiving device into its signal range, the voice explanation in the area can be automatically triggered. At the same time, the use of automatic tour guide can also help scenic spots receive foreign tourists. Now many foreigners will choose to visit our scenic spots, so foreign language explanations have become a major problem for scenic spots. The multilingual service of the automatic tour guide can meet the needs of various languages, so even tourists who speak a small language don't have to worry.
tour guide