What are the advantages of using a wireless tour guide for tour guides?

 News     |     May 09, 2023
        The tour guide will choose to use the wireless tour guide when leading a group to explain, because the use of the wireless tour guide can help the guide receive tourists. It has a one-to-many non-interference explaining function, even if the number of tourists in the reception group is large, you will not worry. The wireless tour guide has a special channel for audio transmission, instead of amplifying the audio for tourists to listen to, so there will be no noise disturbance, and tourists can adjust the listening volume by themselves. Compared with the wired guides on the market, the wireless tour guide is more stable in transmitting audio, and it is also much more convenient, because it has a certain induction signal, so as long as it is within the signal range, it can continue to explain. The wireless tour guide does not need operation, and can directly match the channel for explanation after turning on the wireless tour guide.
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        The wireless tour guide has the function of one-key frequency pairing. If there is no need to change the frequency, it will automatically match the channel before power-off. Therefore, the tour guide can be used directly after power-on, it's very convenient. The one-key power-off function also helps the saves the hassle of shutting down the device when used. The wireless tour guide will have corresponding charging boxes and storage boxes, so that the equipment can be charged once and stored reasonably after use, without the trouble of inconvenient storage and charging. The wireless tour guide can easily drive hundreds of receivers by the tour guide holding a transmitter to speak, and the signal can reach a distance of more than 200 meters. The tour guide only needs to speak into the microphone at normal speaking volume, and tourists with receivers can clearly listen to the explanation content, which belongs to the immersive explanation experience and improves the tourists' visiting experience.
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